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"And now, Israel, what doth the Lord thy God require of thee, but to fear the Lord thy God, to

Beloved of God, the story is told of a grandfather going to market with his ten year old grandson. They both got on the family donkey. As they passed a crowd someone said, "The weight of those two must be a burden for that poor burrow." The man overheard and asked the boy to get down and walk.

They came past a second crowd of people, and the man overheard one to say, "Look at that healthy man making that little child walk while he rides." These words troubled the man, so he got off the donkey and put his grandson on while he walked alongside.

They passed another group of people and the man heard someone comment, "Why is that healthy child riding that donkey while that old man walks?" The grandfather lifted the boy off the donkey and they both walked together.

As they passed another crowd someone whipsered, "Why doesn't someone ride that healthy donkey rather than both of them walk?" The man by now was totally disgusted. He let go of his grandson's hand, picked up the donkey, and proceeded to carry it to market.

You cannot please everyone - so don't try. For everyone pleased, there is often another displeased. Thank God there is only ONE God to please and when we do His will and keep His commandments He is well pleased.

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